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BCB People


The people of BCB are in many ways its greatest asset. The organization is committed to engaging as many people as possible in all aspects of its operations. An incredibly diverse and talented assortment of people have come together over the years to create, support, operate and present the vision of BCB.



Volunteers serve in nearly every capacity imaginable at BCB; they serve on the Board, crew on the A.J. MEERWALD, mow the lawn, distribute flyers, staff the museum, teach education stations, fundraise, enter data, prepare mailings, research education topics, shuck oysters, photograph events, sell tickets and many other functions. Generally, they answer to the Port Captain, the Shipboard Program Coordinator , Shore Based Program Coordinator, Curator, Cafe Manager,Gallery Manager and/or the Volunteer Coordinator. Over four hundred volunteers have dedicate anywhere from one day a year (especially Bay Day volunteers) to two days or more per week.

Shipboard volunteers, and any who present educational content to the public, are required to attend an in-depth orientation/training session their first year and a shorter session yearly thereafter. Continuing education is available to volunteers who choose to join the crew/educators on any field trips and educational presentations.   Currently, nearly 15,000 documented volunteer hours are donated annually to BCB.


The staff is made up of twelve permanent and thirteen seasonal positions (from March through November). All seasonal positions are professional crew on the A.J. MEERWALD. The United States Coast Guard requires licenses and staffing levels that call for this number of mariners for seven day per week operations. BCB requires its shipboard officers (Captain, Relief Captain, and 1st Mate) to be licensed by the United States Coast Guard. Deck positions require a degree in a relevant field and teaching experience.

BCB staff members are chosen for their education, depth of experience, broad base of skills and their passion for and commitment to the region’s history, culture and environment. The Executive Director works with each staff person to develop a work plan for the year in order to insure priorities are chosen to move closer to BCB’s long term vision. Each staff person carries out his or her respective responsibilities in the context of the organization’s inclusive style. Most major staff functions have either an ad hoc group of local “experts” and/or interested volunteers to draw on for support or a formal committee that assists in accomplishing the tasks.

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