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The staff is made up of eleven permanent and thirteen seasonal positions (from March through November). All seasonal positions are professional crew on the A.J. Meerwald. The United States Coast Guard requires licenses and staffing levels that call for this number of mariners for seven day per week operations. BCB requires its shipboard officers (Captain, Relief Captain, and 1st Mate) to be licensed by the United States Coast Guard. Deck positions require a degree in a relevant field and teaching experience.

BCB staff members are chosen for their education, depth of experience, broad base of skills and their passion for and commitment to the region’s history, culture and environment. The Executive Director works with each staff person to develop a work plan for the year in order to insure priorities are chosen to move closer to BCB’s long term vision. Each staff person carries out his or her respective responsibilities in the context of the organization’s inclusive style. Most major staff functions have either an ad hoc group of local “experts” and/or interested volunteers to draw on for support or a formal committee that assists in accomplishing the tasks.

Founder and Executive Director: Meghan Wren Ext 106

• CEO and CFO: responsible to carry out BCB mission
• Recruitment and Management of staff & volunteers
• Strategic and operational planning
• General Operations (systems/data/environmental policies/regulatory compliance)
• Financial management and accounting
• External Affairs (partnerships/marketing/PR)
• Program Services (Shipboard/Shorebased/Community)
• Board Relations
• Development/Grants
• Facilities/Capital Projects

Available for suggestions, problems, or evaluations (busy schedule, time available but please schedule).

Captain & Director Marine Operations: Jesse Briggs Ext 101

• Captain of the A.J. Meerwald
• Responsible for vessel maintenance
• Helps maintain the wharves and buildings
• Keeps boat informed of sailing and port information
• Locates and researches possible new ports, ensures they meet our needs
• Supervises volunteers with dock and shipboard maintenance
• Responsible for the drug testing program
• De facto leader of the “Mud People”
• Other duties as directed by the Executive Director

Development & Marketing Associate: Jamie Warner Ext 102

• Corporate Sponsorships
• Event Planning
• Fundraising
• Memberships
• Grants

Outreach Coordinator: Chase Jackson Ext 108

• Publicity
• Outreach Coordinator

Shipboard Program Coordinator: Katie Riley Ext 107

• Shipboard Education Coordinator
• Ship scheduler

Delaware Bay Museum & Folklife Center Curator: Rachel Rodgers Dolhanczyk Ext 109

• Oversees all aspects of the museum, library, archives and oral history project

Gallery Director: Susan Zipper

Cafe Staff: Sheri Gatier Ext 104 

Facilities Technician: Luke Litchendorf Ext 105

Bookkeeper: Diane Stephenson Ext 103

• Payroll, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Financials

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