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SWIM Delaware Bay 2013!

August 3, 2013
In Meghan’s own words – it was SPECTACULAR – everything from the planning, the TEAM, the weather, the donors and sponsors, the support vessels, the media coverage, and Meghan’s shear determination, stamina and dedication to swim over 13 miles across the Delaware Bay in about 8 hours and 45 minutes! What a success!

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On August 3, 2013 – Meghan Wren entered the waters of the Delaware Bay from the banks on the Delaware side, at Port Mahon, swam across the channel and the shoals over New Jersey’s oysterbeds, and landed on the beach of Fortescue, NJ eight and three quarter hours later.

Though several others have crossed the Delaware Bay from Cape May to Lewes (12 miles as the crow flies); no one had yet attempted to cross from Delaware to New Jersey – at the chosen route – 13.1 miles.

The SWIM is an effort to call attention to the importance of the Delaware Bay in our lives – and to raise funds for its protection. Please help Meghan’s SWIM be a success!

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Delaware Bay Chart

Fortescue, the ‘Weakfish Capital of the World’, and New Jersey’s center of public access to the bay, will be the official event host and there will a celebration throughout the day as the SWIM calls attention to the value and vulnerability of Delaware Bay’s amazing resources.

SWIM Delaware Bay will be the focus of a major media campaign. In the time leading up to the SWIM, a series of press releases will build up momentum. An electronic tracker will digitally follow Ms Wren’s progress with a transponder tracking her as she makes her swim. Pre-swim press will highlight the issues including the release of the Economic & Environmental Impact Statement for NJ’s Delaware Bayshore.

During the swim a series of YouTube productions were released highlighting key bayshore issues and several more are on the way i.e. horseshoe crabs/shorebirds; Sandy damage & recovery; swimmable fishable goals; oysters on the bay; living shorelines; Fortescue – Weakfish Capital of the World; bayshore historic assets; things you can do to help the bay etc.

Upon nearing the shore, a group of swimmers and kayakers came out to meet Ms Wren one mile from the beach and swim ‘in company’, creating a ‘flotilla for the bay’ to arrive at the beach together and join the celebration that was happening on the beach.

Swim Delaware Bay 2013 has a fundraising goal of $25,000 to support conservation of and education about the Bay. All proceeds are tax deductible to the full extent of the law and will go to Bayshore Center at Bivalve and its education programs in support of the Bay and its people.

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