Board of Trustees

The Board is made up of extremely committed individuals who are nominated by the Board Operations Committee and voted on by the full board for their professional skills, work and volunteer experiences, networks, interests, enthusiasm and/or willingness to dedicate quality time to BCB. Many of our Trustees started out as and remain our most dedicated volunteers. The Board meets ten months (excluding December and May) to focus on policy, fiscal and long range planning issues.

Standing Committee Structure

Fundraising & External Affairs (FEAC)

Planning, support and prioritization of income generating initiatives. It secures funding for the strategic plan implementation, guides the annual work plan, and works to further legislative relations, organizational “positioning”, marketing and partnering initiatives.

Internal Operations Committee

Responsible for facilities planning (AJ MEERWALD, CASHIER, sheds & wharves, facility grounds); compliance (USCG, ADA, MSDS, OSHA, Sec. of Interior preservation guidelines, environmental, legal, building codes); IT, and Administrative systems.

Finance Committee

Tracks annual financial actual versus budget, reviews budget development, provides financial oversight.

Board Operations Committee

Responsible for Board expansion and development (nominating, approaching, orientation, continuing education, bylaw compliance, and periodic review.