The very popular ‘storytelling’ session  is presented bi-annually.  Local ‘old timers’ and tradition bearers present on a chosen topic, with large, curious audiences who are  invited to share stories or listen to tales about  the Bayshore Region.  Share a memory from your lifetime, a family anecdote or recollection, bring a photograph or artifact or just come to listen and learn.

As always, the program is free and refreshments will be served.

The program is presented in partnership with our friends the Port Norris Historical Society.              Port Norris Historical Soc logo




Recent Storytelling Sessions

The March 2016 program was Village Streets. Along the east and west of the Maurice River and up the Bay to Greenwich, towns along the Bayshore still retain much of their historic character with impressive inventories of old houses and hints of businesses and industries of the past. Remember strolling down the street in any of the villages around the Bayshore back in the day? What buildings, businesses and houses do you remember? Who did you remember walking past? What were the sites and sounds as you went about your day in your town?

r 2015 program was on Rum Running and the Bayshore Empire: Stories of rum running, speakeasies and of oystermen catching “Golden Wedding” in their dredges flow around the area. While Atlantic City gets its fair share of attention, the Bayshore certainly had its own Empire catering to dry communities before, during and after Prohibition. Flavia Alaya presented their findings and research from creating the Rum River and Baywalk Empire Bus Tour, which was first organized for the Cohansey RiverFest.

The February 2015 program focused on Religion in the Bayshore Region.  The community shared stories about the founding of religious congregations, their triumphs, struggles and contributions to the Bayshore Region.  The program was presented in partnership with our friends the Port Norris Historical Society.

The November 2014 session shared Storm Stories, past and recent including Hurricane Sandy, that have affected the Bayshore Region. Numerous storms including hurricanes, nor'easters, tidal waves and extreme high tide events have affected the Bayshore Region for generations.

The February 2014 session focused on Hunting in the Marsh.  Hunting and trapping have a long tradition in the Bayshore Region. Within the natural environment those who have spent time in the marsh have found and still find a way to live off the land in a rapidly changing environment, serve as hunting guides and rail bird pushers, and find comradery among family and friends. Boats, gear and disappearing cabins reflect the natural environment.

The October 2013 session honored Italian-American Heritage Month. A  group of local residents shared stories of how their families came here and the traditions they brought with them, or adopted and adapted here. Special attention was placed on recreational past times, foodways and how Italian traditions embraced South Jersey produce, fish and game.

The April 2013 session highlighted how folks spent their leisure time "playing" around the Bayshore Region in years past.