Bayshore Speaker Series

Education and Preservation

May 24,2018
6-7pm Reception $20
7pm Lecture - Free
Lecture and Discussion on the unkept promises following the Civil War and Abraham Lincoln's Assassination.
American history contains many unkept promises. Possibly the worst was the Freedman's Bureau. Created several weeks prior to the end of the Civil War, the Bureau was intended to help freed slaves: 1. Find family members from who they had been separated and reconnect them; 2. teach them to read and write; and 3. serve as legal advocates. "Black Codes" adopted by southern states, lack of funding by Congress and the Ku Klux Klan all forced Congress to abandon the program in 1872. Author Nelson Johnson will discuss the long-lasting consequences that flowed from breaking the promise made to freed slaves.
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Nelson Johnson's lecture is free! But do join us for a short reception before his talk.