Spring on the Bayshore

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Spring 2017 at the Bayshore - Daffodils

The MEERWALD’s up the River, the oysterboats are back in the Nantuxent Creek and new buds, green sprouts, happy bulbs and amorous birds seem to have overtaken the gray landscape of the winter Bayshore. The Bayshore Center is also experiencing a period of new growth.  After 30 years – yes 30! – we have received a most generous donation that has allowed us to assess our strategies for longevity and sustainability.  It is often a non-profit’s greatest challenge to outlive its founder. Bayshore Center at Bivalve has been given the opportunity to structure itself so that programming and mission delivery can be institutionalized, the MEERWALD’s continued preservation can be guaranteed and the organization can ensure that it remains relevant to its community into the foreseeable future. 

With these goals in mind, we have hired an Interim Executive Director to shoulder BCB’s daily operations while I take a short sabbatical to refresh and prepare for my next role. My next job will be to focus on building a Founders Fund to serve as  working capital and an endowment with which we can secure our future.

When I return from my sabbatical, the organization will embark on a strategic planning exercise to frame our mission, vision and strategic action plans to direct our next steps. Spring 2017 at the Bayshore

After many years of long days, weeks, and months,  missed vacations,  little time for family and friends, and a near obsessive (OK, it was obsessive) focus on all things BCB – I am more than ready for this reboot.

And, I look forward to my refreshed return this fall as the birds start heading south again to work with our Board of Trustees, our Grande Mariners and our wonderful Bayshore community to build the Founders Fund and prepare for the next thirty years.

Happy Spring!

Meghan, soon to be BCB’s new Founding Director