Volunteer & Crew Library

As a volunteer or crew member, you have been given access to the documents below.  These are intended to provide you with helpful information to get to know our organization better and prepare you for your role in the organization.  Click on the document you are interested in reading.  You will be asked to enter the password which you have been given.  You can read, save or print the document once it is opened.  If you save the document, it will also be password protected.

If you have any difficulty accessing these documents, please call 856-785-2060 for assistance.


Policy & Procedure Manual:

        Policy & Procedure Manual for Volunteers


Policy & Procedure Manual Appendices:

        Table of Contents

        Appendix A - Onboard Education Stations and Tours

        Appendix B - Program Scripts

        Appendix C - AJM Deck Illustrations, Standing Orders & Station Bill

        Appendix D - Crew & Shipboard Volunteer Certification Program

        Appendix E - Knot Primer

        Appendix F - Background

        Appendix G - Glossary


Bayshore Center at Bivalve:

          BCB Preservation Plan

          BCB Interpretive Plan

         BCB Historical Content Research



        Yesteryear in Bivalve and Port Norris

        History of the Eastern Oyster

        "Shucking Oysters: One of New Jersey's Growing Industries" published July, 1925